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World of warcraft Hentai

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World of HentaiCraft: Outland Girls Are Easy

It was not common for Symond to get a personal summon from King Varian. When the sealed paper was handed to him via messenger telling of urgent news and an even more urgent assignment to be given, Symond packed his gear and took wing on the fastest griffon available from the Flight Master from Sentinel Hill.

As he sailed above the trees of his familiar homeland, his curiosity and excitement grew. He was one of the youngest paladins in the service to the King and as such, he felt he was often underestimated. For his age, he had a firm grasp of the Light. The winds blew through his long blond hair and the mists of the altitude cooled his hairless face. His armor creaked as he shivered slightly. Metal armor on griffon back flying at the speed they were did not make a warm journey. His growing excitement warmed him as he saw the grand gates of Stormwind open up before them.

Once landed, the young paladin took no time to get his “land legs” back but summoned his holy steed as soon as he was able. With great haste, he rode swiftly to the castle taking note of the many people in the trade quarter selling or trading their wares. Several guards saluted him or simply nodded as he passed.

He dismounted and dismissed his steed as the great halls of the castle opened. The guards stood aside holding their halberds straight at their attention stance. Symond walked purposefully towards the throne room hearing voices discussing something. As he drew near, he heard the unmistakable baritone voice of King Varian.

The King was seate Continue reading

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