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World Of Warcraft Hentia

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World Of Warcraft Hentai

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World Of Warcraft Sex

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World Of Warcraft Girls

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This is what true family members do to keep out of trouble in the world of Warcraft…

World Of Warcraft Hot

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World Of Warcraft Hot

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World of Hentai: The captive, pt. 1


The Captive, Pt 1


After only half an hour of combat, the attack was over. Minhane sat, chained to the rest of the surviving elven defenders, watching the Orcs ransack their homes. Now, with time to think and only the pain of a blow to the head to keep him occupied, he began to notice there was more than one sex of Orc involved in the attack.

He recognized the hulking, deep-green skinned male Orcs, he’d fought and slain many in his time, but there were a cadre of females with better armour and apparently better fighting skills. He’d fought one to a standstill before a blow to the back of his head took him out of the battle. Now, seated with the rest of the male prisoners, he began to seek out the one he went toe-to-toe with.

Leading a trio of other females, all clad in chainmail hauberks, leather leggings, and faceplates, she came up to the group, and began to look the prisoners over. Roughly handling them to check for injuries, she paused at him. Though the slits in her helm, he saw a pair of red eyes peering back at him. She nodded, and he was unchained from the rest, only to be fitted with leg shackles and manacles. At the end of a few feet of chain, she lead him away from the rest.

‘Lords,’ he thought, ‘what is to become of me? A slave in some mine? Food for some bestial captain?’ His mind raced.

He looked back, and saw the women of the tree-top village being led away single-file in chains.

Minhane felt a coal of Continue reading

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