World of HentaiCraft: Lessons

Undercity was not her favorite place, but Valitha Voidstar had seen and visited much worse places than this. The Undercity was actually the former sewers and storm shelters of the once Human city of Loderan. Since its fall to the Plague many years ago (and the murder of the king by the hands of his own son, Arthas), Sylvanas Windrunner and the Forsaken had taken up residence in the ruins as their rightful home. Valitha had been staying in the surprisingly comfortable inn of the nearest villa of Brill until her new student arrived. Secretly, Valitha prayed that it would be a living, breathing student. Although the Forsaken were the Blood Elves’ strongest allies in the Horde, she could only be around dead people for so long.

Her Dreadsteed trotted loudly leaving sparks of flame and sulfur in its wake. Valitha was a Warlock of some renown and everything the Blood Elf did was with purpose. The Forsaken wandering quietly through the quarters of Undercity nodded at her passing and some seemed not to notice or care. This was common as the Forsaken normally did not trust nor deal with the living on a normal basis. She dismounted and dismissed the horrible steed with a wave of her manicured hand as she neared the stinking labyrinth that served as the Royal Apothecary.

Modrid stood at a table filled with bubbling flasks, burners, and tubes that steamed or bubbled with various concoctions. Strapped to a nearby slab was a struggling (although weakly) Human female. She was emancipated and disheveled and her weary eyes looked about with confusion and horror. Valitha sneered at the Human in disgust. The Blood Elf remembered how the hated Humans had once used the High Elves as fodder in their war against the Scourge. It was through the Human’s foolishness and arrogance that the Sunwell and the High Elves fell victim to the onslaught of the Undead Scourge and destroyed their livelihood.

Valitha stood quietly as the Forsaken apothecary muttered to himself and mixed together liquids and milled herbs. Although she was feeling rather impatient and somewhat ignored by the hooded undead, she knew better than to disturb him while he worked. After a few moments, Modrid turned with a wicked chuckle holding a large flask of bright green liquid that seemed to smoke. His eyes gleamed with unholy life under the shadows of his deep cowl and, if he still possessed most of his facial muscles and flesh, Valitha assumed he would probably be smiling.

He shuffled past the waiting Blood Elf and approached the Human on the slab. The Human seemed agitated as he approached and weakly struggled against her bonds. With clawed boney fingers, he quickly removed the gag and was rewarded with a surprisingly strong shriek from the Human woman.

“Oh do shut up,” he grated stuffing the flask into her mouth. The Woman sputtered and gagged as the entire contents of the flask drained down her throat. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she convulsed for a while before lying perfectly still. Her eyes glazed over and then suddenly flared to life with a sickly yellow glow. Her body seemed to wither before Valitha’s eyes and the now undead woman looked up at Modrid.

“Feel better?” Modrid asked chuckling. The woman looked around and back to Modrid before nodding and smiling a wicked grin. Modrid undid the restraints before helping the Forsaken woman to her feet. “Go seek the Dark Lady and show her what you’ve become, my Beauty,” Modrid said gesturing for an assistant to lead the newly made undead to Sylvanas.

It was only after the assistant and experiment were out of sight that Modrid finally spoke to Valitha. “The Orc arrived shortly before dawn,” The Forsaken said turning to her. “Rather large fellow for a Warlock.”

“All Orcs are large I have found,” Valitha replied, “even the females.”

Modrid moved in what seemed to be a shrug and handed her a small bluish purple crystal. It was a void stone. Valitha did not know exactly where they came from, but she knew that Modrid was infamous for getting rare and sought-after materials.

“I understand he is quite young,” Modrid said wryly. “But you are also aware that Orcs can be very promising even at a young age.”

“With axes and swords perhaps,” Valitha frowned, “dark arts require more… finesse.”

Modrid chuckled turning once again to his workbench. “Orcs can be surprisingly adept at such intricate arts, my dear,” he looked at her over his shoulder. “Thrall was a very intelligent and wise Warchief unlike Garrosh.”

Valitha nodded. She knew the Warchief well and she had to agree that Thrall was a much more capable and wise leader than the acting Warchief dolt who only seemed to solve problems with an axe and a bellow of “honor” or “Loktar O’Gar”. Thrall showed more honor in his right tusk than that fool Garrosh had in his whole body.

“Enjoy,” Modrid said with a mysterious hint of humor to his voice. Valitha was puzzled at that but knew that she would better see what Modrid’s strange joke was instead of asking him.

Once she rode the elevator up, she felt immediately better. The sun rose over the ruins of Loderon and she closed her eyes to bask in its light and warmth. Her golden hair shined bright in its rays and her equally golden brown skin reacted to the life giving light. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, feeling the fresh air fill her lungs and clear her nostrils of the pungent odors and lingering scents of decay and death that permeated Undercity. After she felt as if she could breathe properly again, she lifted her hands and gestured, summoning her Dreadsteed. Brill was not so far along the road, but better to ride into town with some style than on foot.

Upon her quick arrival, one of the Forsaken nodded in her direction and pointed towards the gated and rather large graveyard. Valitha never understood why the graveyard was so huge considering that most of the corpses that would have normally occupied the grounds were, instead, walking around as the town’s inhabitants. The graveyard held new sights for her as she decided to enter through the gates on foot.

The Orc was there and his size was indeed impressive. He was tall, a full head taller than the smaller Blood Elf. His arms and muscles were larger around than her head and his massive barrel chest seemed to strain the seams of his dark robes. His head was shaved save for a single thick braid of hair that started from the crown of his bald plate to just above his backside. Unlike other Orcs she had met, this one seemed more toned than bulky. She smiled and one of her long eyebrows quirked up impressed. When he turned to her, her smile melted into a gape of pleasant shock and admiration. She never thought an Orc would have such a handsome face!

Even with tusks, his lips were a pleasing shape, not thin, but almost full. His jaw was strong and his nose wide but small adorned with a single ring piercing his septum. Deep set eyes the color of burning embers almost glowed from the depths of a strong brow. Those eyes did not narrow in a look of disdain like most Orcs who interacted with Blood Elves. Instead, they seemed to widen and drink her in as she came into his view.

Valitha silently strode with her eyes locked onto his until she stood a breath away. She smirked catching his eyes wander over her scantily clad curves and long legs. Unlike his robes, hers were more open and revealing. It was only after they stared into one another’s eyes for a few heartbeats that he smiled and with a gruff voice, “You must be Void Mistress Valitha.”

Something in the way he said “Mistress” made her heart race and she fought back the shudder that ran from her sensitive Elven ears down to an even more sensitive Elven quim. “I am,” she replied. She cursed herself silently for the uneasiness to her voice. She was a Void Mistress dammit and she better start playing the part.

The Orc bowed his head. Even in a submissive stance, he seemed powerful. “I am Turrek Tornflesh,” he said. His head lifted slightly and his gaze met hers before he added “your humble apprentice.”

Valitha held her gaze firmly but felt as if she would melt under his hot gaze. She kept her countenance in check but her body reacted and she could feel moisture between her legs. She had to watch this apprentice. Letting her lusts get the best of her could be dangerous and she had spent far too much time and effort proving her worth to not only the Blood Elves, but to the Orcs and the rest of the Horde that this “pretty little Elf” could be just as powerful and deadly (if not more) than any of the Horde’s mighty warriors.

She bade him to rise and they retreated back to her private chambers. The room was spacious and out of the way to the rest of Brill. It would serve their purposes. Turrek could not help but steal glances at Valitha. He normally thought the Blood Elves weak and scrawny compared to the stronger, larger Orcs. This Blood Elf was strong despite her size. Her skin reminded him of the golden sands of Durotar and as smooth and soft as the most prized silks from the Eastern Kingdoms. With her golden brown skin and soft flowing hair the color of sunlight in the spring, Valitha was a bright and welcome star in the normally gloomy and decrepit atmosphere of Undercity. He had ducked his gaze from her on several occasions as her lessons progressed. It may have been his own lust surging in his mind, be he could have sworn she was looking at him with equal attraction. Better to keep his mind on his studies and not on her distracting and ample curves.

The Orc was not only handsome (which was something in itself to the Blood Elf) but also very adapt at the Dark Arts. Within a few days, he had grasped several lessons with an almost practiced ease. Along with his own personal use of Fel magic, he had also shown promise in summoning and controlling demons. His Imp was a foul little creature and even more foul mouthed and his Void Walker was a grumbling complainer; however, Turrek had them subdued and well trained using his mind and powers over the normal use of his physical strengths.

One day, Valitha had drawn a strange glowing rune on the floor of their summoning chamber and instructed Turrek to stand aside and observe. His eyes concentrated on her movements trying hard to watch what she was doing more than how her lithe body twisted and bent as she marked the floor.

“Today we will summon a new demon for you to subdue and control,” she announced finishing the runes. “A succubus.”

Turrek had seen (and even fought) the foul demons known as succubi. They were different from other demons and used lust to entrap and torment mortals no matter if they were male or female. Even thinking about those powers now had Turrek’s own lust for his Mistress rising until he fought back his urges. As if sensing his thoughts, Valitha’s voice cut through the haze of lustful thoughts.

“Turrek! This is important!” she snapped grabbing his undivided attention. “Being a male, a succubus will be harder for you to subdue. Remember your lessons and use all of your focused hate and fear to show this demon her proper master.”

Turrek nodded and tried to squash his lusts and concentrate on the new task at hand. When she signaled for him to begin, Turrek stepped inside the protective barriers of the runes and began his summoning ritual.

It didn’t take long for the air to shimmer as the portal opened and a shape took form. The succubus was tall (almost as tall as he) her height mostly contributed by hock legs tipped in sharp claws and cloven hooves. Her hair was as dark as the abyss flowing down her pale white shoulders that sported two, slightly ragged, leathery wings. She smiled with a look of unbridled lust and evil glee licking full red lips and glaring at him with piercing green eyes … green eyes that much resembled his beautiful Mistress. Turrek shook his head clearing the thoughts from his head. The succubus laughed an evil giggle that ended in a sinister purr. To his horror and rising anger, Turrek realized that within moments of her summoning, the succubus had already read his mind and found his naughty little secrets to use against him.

With a primal roar, Turrek threw his hands forward, placing curse after curse upon the succubus. The Incineration caused her to suck in a breath of pain and the other curses seemed to fuel her rage. As Turrek summoned his power to blast her with a Shadow Bolt, the succubus moved faster than lightning producing a wicked whip that lashed the Orc across his face. Turrek howled in pain, his spell ruined, as he clutched his face.

“Is that all you’ve got, Big Boy?” the succubus purred, mocking him with evil laughter as she flicked the barbed edge of her whip, leaving a lash on his exposed arm.

The Orc glared at her with pure fury and the succubus laughed again. A strange smell assaulted his nostrils. It was sickly sweet and overpowering. His felt his head swim as he tried to clear his thoughts. Concentrating on the succubus, he noticed a thin trickle of fluid running down her thigh. She was entrapping him with her pheromones. He couldn’t help himself as the smell of her arousal ensnared him. His eyes glazed over and a low growl escaped his lips. The succubus stopped laughing when she realized her mistake. Making an Orc overcome with lust for you was the worst thing she could have possibly done.

Turek, overcome now with his primal need stalked towards the succubus who backed away slowly. He gnashed his teeth and growled low like an untamed beast as strong hands tore away his robes exposing large, taut muscles rippling with uncontrollable desire. The succubus squeaked a strangled cry of alarm as her back pressed against the invisible barrier of the summoning circle. She was trapped! Desperately the succubus lashed at the oncoming Orc with her whip but it seemed to have no effect. At last his hand caught her weapon and tore it from her grasp to throw it aside like a dead snake. The succubus slowly slid down the barrier with eyes wide in terror. The snake between his legs was far from dead and discarded like her whip.

“No!” the succubus cried out as Turrek grabbed hold of one of her legs and started to drag her towards him. She scrambled trying frantically to get away, claws scratching deep furrows in the stone floor. She kicked with her other leg and it connected with his face but it only seemed to egg him on. Growling louder, Turrek grabbed her other leg and pulled hard causing her to flip onto her belly still trying to claw her way away from him.

The lust riddled Orc released one of her legs and roughly grabbed one side of her hip. Then, with a roar, he did the same with the other side until he pulled her up to her hands and knees while holding her in a vise grip. The Succubus struggled to break free but it was no use. The Orc was far stronger and, emblazoned with lust; his strength and desire were empowered.

“NO!” the succubus screamed again. “NOOOOOoooo…”

Her final outcry went from protest to a cry of ecstasy as Turrek plunged his cock deep inside her already soaked pussy. Her muscles stretched and she arched up, her wings opened wide with her mouth as she shuddered. His fingers dug into her soft flesh as he mercilessly rammed into her again and again. The succubus moaned and screamed, feeling her whole body weaken.

“Call me … Master!” The Orc growled through clenched teeth. His cock pumped furiously into her making wet sucking sounds.

“N – Never!” The succubus cried out. She tried to sound resistant but her voice wavered and she knew by the shudders of delight that her resolve was fading fast.

He felt so good! She had never in a thousand years been fucked like this: so furiously and so … PRIMAL. The tension was building in her womb and she felt her body growing hotter as if the fires of the abyss were consuming her very soul. She felt her knees buckle under his onslaught and moans escaped her no matter how hard she fought to keep them from escaping her uncooperative lips.

Suddenly, the Orc stopped. The succubus groaned as he held her still in a vise but poised the tip of his unbelievable cock at the mouth of her soaked pussy. She tried to ease back, tried to force him back inside her, but he moved back with her. She growled in frustration.

“Call me Master,” Turrek demanded again.

The succubus moaned and tried to move again and was again denied as he moved back with her. “Never!” She said defiantly, but they both could tell her will was broken.

Turrek slipped fully out of her pussy and she gasped in dismay almost crying with desperation. She felt the heat of him again but this time, the crown of his length rested on the tight entrance to her ass. The succubus moaned in lust and frustration as her pussy wept. She mewled helplessly as Turrek repeated his command teasing with testing strokes that probed her wanting anus.

“Call me Master!”

She bowed her head in submission and sobbed out the words. “Yes Master,” she whispered. He didn’t move. She said it again, louder this time. “Yes Master.”

“Who am I?” he questioned her wanting her to announce it.

“My Master!” she cried. “My –“her words became a scream of elation as he drove deep into her ass — “MASTER!!”

The succubus arched up and shuddered as the orgasm hit her. She screamed until her voice failed her and her body tensed and released. Juices flowed like a waterfall from her spasming pussy to pool on the floor between her shaking legs and below where the Orc was buried deep in her ass. When the orgasm finally subsided, she collapsed onto the cold floor gasping for breath and moaned as Turrek withdrew from her. She felt him kneel in front of her and lifted her face to look into his eyes.

“You may return,” Turrek said cupping her chin and smiling with triumph. “Come immediately when I summon you.”

The succubus swallowed and lowered her eyes submissively. “Yes, Master,” she replied before disappearing in a puff of sulfuric smoke.

Turrek was still kneeling as he turned to look at his silent Mistress. Valitha stood motionless with her hands folded in front of her. Her eyes were slits and her expression unreadable. Was she disappointed in him? Had he not performed the way she had instructed? True, he failed to subdue the succubus with magic, but had he not subdued her? He bowed his head expecting punishment.

Valitha moved to him and, with his head bowed, he saw only her feet. They were bare and black polish shone on each little toenail. It fascinated him that she was so dainty but so powerful at the same time. Just looking at her feet made his cock swell again despite his best efforts at control. He listened but only heard her breathing. It was unsteady almost as if she were panting. His eyes widened but he didn’t dare look up.

“How did you resist her charms?” Valitha asked. Her voice was barely a whisper and Turrek willed his erection to settle down.

He swallowed once and in an unsteady breath decided not to lie to his Mistress. “She made me think of you,” he said. He winced as he said the words fully expecting an even more dreadful punishment.

No blow came and no reprimand. All he heard was her uneven gasps for breath. Slowly, he dared to look up and saw her face. His eyes widened as he recognized the undisguised lust in her green eyes. His eyes wandered down seeing her breasts heave with each labored breath. He swallowed again as his eyes traveled further down and he saw why she had originally had her hands crossed in front of her. The front of her form fitting robe was visibly damp.

“You thought of … me?” she asked him. Her voice never rose above a husky whisper. He squeezed his eyes shut in shame before nodding. “So that is what you want?” she pressed. “You wish to dominate me?”

His eyes flew open and he stammered bowing low before her. “No, Mistress Valitha!” he said. “I wouldn’t dare defile you in such a way!”

She didn’t say a word. Only her breathing, those panting gasps for breath, was all he heard. Tentatively, he leaned forward and kissed one of her bare feet. She gasped but did not move away. Noting this, Turrek kissed her more and even ran his tongue softly across her toes. She sighed and when he lifted his eyes, he saw her face a serene mask of pleasure. He went back to worshiping her delicate feet.

After a few kisses and swipes of his tongue, Turrek felt something soft fall around him. He opened his eyes wide as he saw it was her robe now pooled around her. His eyes moved up slowly admiring long, golden brown legs, shapely and smooth curving into wide hips and a flat tummy. Her mons was bare and Turrek mused how it was true that Elves had no body hair. Her hands had moved up to cup her rounded breasts the same golden brown and she teased and rubbed her peaking mocha nipples. Her eyes regarded him with desire and her golden hair tumbled down her slender shoulders like lazy rays of sunlight. Slowly, Turrek raised up running his large hands up the curves of her legs until he was on his knees before her, grasping the globes of her backside.

“May I Mistress?” Turrek whispered cautiously. She whimpered and spread her legs for him. Her scent was as arousing as the succubus had been. He realized then that she had watched him, watched his whole summoning, and got hot by it. She wasn’t angry with him at all. She was turned on.

Holding her up by her firm buttocks, Turrek lightly licked her labia and she shuddered. Fearing she would fall, the Orc tightened his hold of her and licked her deeply with his whole tongue. She moaned and lifted one leg to drape it over his broad shoulder. He let his tongue penetrate her wet folds and she sighed loudly, her hands touching the top of his head to keep her balance. She was practically being held up by his strong hands on her buttocks and his amazing tongue on her weeping pussy.

His tongue was warm and wet on her sending jolts of pleasure through her. His soft lips kissed her labia and Valitha could feel the sharp hardness of his tusks framing her pussy as he lovingly tasted her over and over again. She loved it. She loved feeling his strong hands on her, his long barbaric tongue gliding past her lips. She wanted more. Her sex pulsed and her heart raced with the sensation building. She knew it was coming and the tensing of her body and intake of her breath was his only warning before she squeezed her eyes shut and let her climax take her.

Her hips bucked and trembled and Turrek held her tightly as she soaked him with her juices. Elves tasted sweet, like fruits and forests. Turrek suckled her pleasure pearl and lapped as her juices flowed until her spasms died down and she regained her voice.

“Now, a new lesson,” she sighed smiling wickedly. She moved her leg to stand on her own and stood majestically and very naked in front of him. Her smile faded and she gave a half-hearted look of dominance. Turrek kept his eyes on hers but couldn’t resist licking her nectar from his lips. She pressed on his shoulders commanding him on his back without a word.

Lying flat on his back, the Orc could only watch as she paced around his prone form. She was even more beautiful having him in a submissive place. Her muscles, toned for an Elf, flexed and relaxed as she moved with grace and purpose as well as the promise of unseen power. Valitha knelt at his waist and straddled him. He held his breath as she slowly, seductively, crawled up his body. Her soft skin brushed against him causing his cock to strain. She was doing it on purpose and Turrek knew this was part of his “punishment” for not subduing the succubus as per her instruction.

Her face hovered above his, her hair billowing around him. Her eyes were green glowing pools of lust and power and Turrek swallowed. He felt the soft glide of her hand on him as she placed the tip of his aching cock to her entrance. He also felt her moisture running down his length in slow trickles. “If you obey me, my apprentice, I will reward you,” she purred as she stroked him leisurely. “But if you displease me …” she said equally seductive but squeezed his cock painfully enough to make him wince. Turrek understood her point crystal clearly.

“Yes Mistress,” he gulped.

Valitha smiled and caressed his face with her free hand. “You have pleased me today,” she whispered. “But your reward will not be so great.” With that said, she lowered herself onto him. Turrek gasped as he slid into her inch after inch feeling the muscles contract. Valitha’s eyes rolled back and she hissed in pleasure. It wasn’t until he was firmly seated inside of her that she began to move. She made slow, hard thrusts on him making him grunt. He started to place his hands on her hips, but she growled and pushed them back to his sides.

“Who am I?” she gasped still in control but feeling good riding him at the same time. Turrek knew that she was echoing his actions with the succubus, showing him who his master was.

“My Mistress,” he grunted as she slammed him deep inside her precious folds.

She groaned in pleasure as she moved faster repeating her question as her movements grew wilder and stronger. Each time Turrek answered the same matching her rhythm until he was panting and crying out the answer. He felt his cock swell and his testicles tighten. He wouldn’t last much longer and as if emphasizing this, he squeezed his eyes shut awaiting the explosion to follow.

Suddenly, Valitha stopped and slid him out of her. Turrek’s eyes widened in surprise and his cock strained in protest. With a wicked smile and a cocked eyebrow, the Blood Elf got off and stood defiantly over him. She placed her hands on her hips and chuckled at his confused expression.

“Your punishment,” she explained as she walked over and picked up her robe from the floor leaving Turrek prone on his back. “Next time, if you follow instructions, I may allow you to cum.”

“Yes Mistress,” Turrek grunted and watched her pad out of the chamber with her robe over one arm.

“Clean up this chamber before you leave,” she instructed over her shoulder as she ascended the stairs.

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